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Här är min trailer jag jobbat på ett tag nu, en dröm hade varit att få göra detta till en riktigt film.
Jag kopierar texten jag skrev i beskrivningen på youtube, lägger den under klippet så ni kan läsa. Kram.
Best description of this video must be that it is simply put together to form a made-up kind of ''trailer''.
This made-up trailer is based on a movie idea I've had for years based on my personal experience of sexual harassment and rape.
People that have haunted me my whole life, that still today make me scared to even be alive. 
It might sound strange, it might sound like something you wouldn't want to do. Make a movie about the purest and most disgusted parts of yourself. To share your worst nightmares to an audience. 
But I do.
I know and have heard far too many people that've faced rape and sexual harassment. 
NO ONE should ever be put through something even close to that, and I know, I feel, from my own perspective, that if this never would've happened to me, I would be someone completely different. A person as far away from the person I am now.
We grow from our experiences, right?
Why not just fuck all of that and just stop with all of these cliché explanations of depression and hatred.
I was raped, I was beaten down, I've been rejected all my life. 
I want to be a person who can stand tall and speak up to the ones who needs help, to be the one who can show the world that they were all wrong, I am not a victim, I do not want you to feel sorry for me, I want you to listen. And I want you to observe. We need to be accepted and speak up, let our voices be heard, make the ones who would never listen, want to listen.

I tried making this video as close to my own experiences as possible, which was hard,
it took me a long time as it was hard going through it mentally. 

I recently posted online: 
''It's not about me being ignorant, ignoring your wrong decisions, ignoring what you did to me, ignoring what you've put me through, ignoring I blame myself. It's not about ignorance, it's about me being better than you. I, being the one single person you will never be able to throw your eyes on. Never be able to look into my eyes, and that's not because of your guilt. I don't believe you have any.
It's because the moment you'll do that, I'll shop your fucking head off, cause a no is not a yes.
If my no to you is equal to yes, then your no will still be equal no to me, but I won't give a single fuck about that.'' 


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